Acupuncture First office visit | up to 80 min $140
Including health history, intake, counseling, treatment planning and acupuncture treatment
Acupuncture Returning patient office visit | 50 min $100
Including progress updates and acupuncture treatment.
Booster visit | 30 min $70
No intake, only in combination with regular visit same week, at which time treatment plan is established.
Stress Relieve/Wellness visit $70
For overall wellness and/or stress relieve, no specific health concern is addressed.

Telemedicine visit | 30 min $60

Intake herbal prescription and lifestyle advise.

Body work

Tui Na/Acupressure $120
No needles are inserted, body work only
Chi Nei Tsang $120
Asian style deep belly massage, body work only, no needles used

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Day of Treatment

Please wear loose comfortable clothing for your acupuncture treatment. Depending on the treatment plan we might need access to your arms and legs, or your back or belly.

Also, when receiving acupuncture make sure you've eaten within reasonable time.

After your treatment drink plenty of water to help the process.